WoW Maps

WoW Maps 09/09/2007

Here are some of my favorite WoW Maps.

I know that is hard to believe that with 9 million World of Warcraft players, none can draw a decent map.  For an outdoor WoW map just take screenshots and use them. You can also use the in game mini map that is included.

If you need more try the Cartographer addon. This is a totally lightweight  download that will let you manipulate the world map easily. You can see coordinates, instances, and even add your own notes.

You can easily find a great WoW maps addon to fit the bill.

For a great guide that includes maps check out the Ultimate WoW guide here.

Gatherer is an awesome new addon that is currently a gamma release.  You can download it easily.  It provides advances map enhancements such as a Heads Up Display (HUD) and heat maps.  The Gatherer addon makes it easy to keep track of herbs, minerals, and your treasure.

Try them all,but if you need a complete soution get the Ultimate WoW Guide today.

This will satisfy your WoW maps cravings.